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Commercial and Residential Properties

Commercial Property – Residential Property

Buying or Selling commercial and residential real estate is all about timing, so I have found the property is never sold until you have your money. Here at BuckeyeAds.com, we can only provide you the means to advertise your property. In my experience, though, I can also provide you some insight on how to get the best deal when purchasing either commercial or residential properties.

Commercial Properties


When purchasing a business, it is important to have a basic understanding of business valuation. What a business is valued at based on the income it is producing so as not to pay above the actual value of that business. There are different valuation metrics based on the type of business you are looking purchase. Please check with a business professional prior to purchasing your business.

  1. - Another factor to consider is are you going to be working the business or are you hiring someone to run the business for you. I have had many years in the lodging business so when I purchase a business in this sector I can immediately spot what can be cut and where the waste is on the bottom line. As someone purchasing a business you need to know these things in order to better guarantee your success.
  2. - Read online reviews to see what guests are saying about the business as it will enable you to spot problem areas to see if they can be easily fixed.
  3. - Another major consideration to be considered if paying above-market is updates done to the business. If major updates have been completed which include roof, electrical, FF&E, then obviously paying a bit more is justified as these expenses can cost a considerable amount of cash and dramatically effect your bottom line if not done.

Homes or Residential Properties

The main item that will affect a home's value is the location of the property that you are either buying or selling. A good school district can dramatically increase the value of a family home. This is good for you when you go to sell your property. Additionally, it will provide you a secure investment when buying a property.

  1. - Property Condition is also an important factor when making an offer.
  2. - Smoking or non-smoking
  3. - Pets

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