Why no traffic?

At present we are only using default ads and they do not show up on the stats, should you set up an account then we will start showing stats.

What Websites are your text and banner ads on?

Presently our text ads are on,
1. BuckeyeAds.com - We have created a new format for this business, now with over 3 hundred thousand pages. Our text ads appear on top and bottom of this site.
2. PanTravels.com - Offers text ads
3. NationalRoadEast.com - We are in the process of updating this site, ads will be on top and bottom.
4. OhioForum.com - Text ads, 2 per page.
5. GGolden.com - Both Text and banner ads are offered
6. CentralOhioAdvertising.com - Both Text and banner ads are offered
7. NationalRoadYardSale.com - Text ads, 2 per page, Banner Ad, one on page, skyscraper text ad on blog pages.
8. OldStoreFrontAntiques.com - Text ads, 2 per page.

Will we do trades for text advertising?

Sure though it will be based on what type of traffic your site has, new sites we will not provide trades and our banner or text ads must run through the majority of your site. Though your ad will be also running through all our sites. Not what you want, that is fine.

What type of site will you not trade with?

Porn sites, drug related sites, escort sites, sites with provocative content that we determine.