Why no traffic?

Our website was recently updated to a new script on a new server on April 17, 2019 so stats start from this date

What Websites are your text and banner ads on?

Presently our text ads are on
1. BuckeyeAds.com - We have created a new format for this business and are in the process of creating a new mobile site for 2019. Our text ads appear on top and bottom of this site.
2. PanTravels.com - Offers text ads
3. NationalRoadEast.com - We are in the process of updating this site, ads will be on top and bottom.
4. GGolden.com - Text ads, 2 per page.
5. OldStoreFrontAntiques.com
6. GGolden.com
7. CentralOhioAdvertising.com
8. NationalRoadYardSale.com