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Zanesville, Ohio Lodging (Zanesville, Ohio, Zanesville) Baker’s Motel has been doing a lot of updating over the last few years though has not lost the historical value that it provides as parts of this historical property date back to the late 30’s while the newest part is from the early 60’s, you will ...  -
Monday, 06 May, 2019
Kannur Beach House (Thottada P O, Kannur, Kerala, India., Kannur) The stay offers exclusive coastal waterfront and Malabar's (North Kerala's ) cusine and hospitality. Each of our bed rooms provide optimal views of the breath taking Malabar coast. The rooms are fully furnished and toilet attached for your comfortable sta...  -
Ushas Homestay (Payyambalam, PO Alavil kannur-8 , Kerala, Kannur) Ushas Homestay, a home away from home – Enjoy a striking destination inspired by the extraordinary landscape, melding the offerings of thrilling in outdoor recreation and renowned spa treatments, with the hot & unsurpassed beauty of the Kannur. U...  -
Thursday, 08 November, 2018
Raandhal (Talap, Kannur, Kannur) Raandhal is native Malayalam term for a kerosine lamp. For the longest of time we were in a fix trying to name our restaurant. During the construction of the building, the workers came across an old rustic Raandhal [Lantern] in the construction site, prob...  -
Kannur Tourism (Kannur, Kannur) Towards north of Kozhikode and Wayanad districts lies the district of Kannur. The region is famous for its dazzling ritual performance called Theyyam. The land is a lively mélange of beautiful beaches, historic sites, interesting folk arts and folk music...  -