Building A Business Online or Offline

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Building your Business is our Business

If you are either new to business or a seasoned professional with no online presence then this article, Building a Business Online or Offline is a good read.

What type of online presence is important to a business today?   This is an important question as what type of business you are in really is important in the type of online presence you really require.  A contractor would be the type of business that would require a varied online presence to include the following.

Important Parts of an Online Presence

  1. Google My Business listing is essential for any brick and mortar business and best of all it is free, Google has gone to great length to provide small and medium size business the exposure for the locations that they do business in.  Utilizing Google maps people can find out most of the basic information on your business.
  2. Facebook Business Page is also very important for many small to medium size businesses as a great way to interact with your customers, provides you the ability to provide more detailed information about your business and build a loyal following, provides a different reach than Google but is just as important.
  3. Business Website – I hear of the young today saying you do not need a website as long as you have a social presence, personally I do not quite agree with this thought since I do a lot of keyword searches and with social networking I have found that you can only be found with direct name searches and not type of business searching.
Building your Business is our Business

Building your
Business is our

Let’s be honest when most people are looking for a contractor they normally do not know the name of one so what do they do?  Many people ask a friend who did their work and some go online and do a search for local contractors,  for roofing they might search for roofing contractors + location and so on and so forth.  A website is still probably the most cost effective way to advertise along with of course placing an ad on a business advertising resource like of course my business site,

A website provides you the ability to hone in on many keywords some that google may not categorize for rankings and facebook never can get you ranked for but your own website will be able to or even business ads on site like ours can also do this.  Not all website though are created equal since many are done by people who do not have a clue on organic search engine optimization, all they understand is paying for keywords on the major serps which in turn can cost you a fortune.  If you are like most of the people in this country you do not have thousands to throw away each month on this type of advertising so that is why you need a website that can do that for you.

Building Business with Online Advertising

Online advertising can produce similar results as a website and also build traffic to your website with incoming links which are vital in building your website rankings on the search engines, though if your website is not properly optimized then incoming links really become mute.

What type of business advertising do you do?

When answering this question think on how much you are spending on the advertising you are doing and are you actually tracking your business to see if this advertising is working.

How do I know if my advertising is worthwhile?

Many years ago my accounting put on a seminar on justifying expenses at that time they said for every dollar spent you should see a 5 time return to cover costs.  So for an example if you spend $100.00 on advertising it should return you $500. in income to be considered a justifiable expense.  So to fully understand this if you take out an add in a local paper that costs you $200. for one day then you should see $1,000. in revenue to justify that expense on that one day ad.   As another example let’s say to justify a one year listing on my local directory of $39.95  or a business listing on this site for only $20.00 a year for which either would need to return $100 – $200. over the next year to be a good investment.

Which sounds more achievable to you?

$1,000. for the day ad or under a hundred bucks for the year ad or listing.  I leave the answer of that question to you the reader.

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