Business Opportunities

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Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities Online

Business opportunities are everywhere online so which businesses will actually generate revenue for you? With so

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

many opportunities out their I am sure you do not know which to try,  I would suggest that you do what you enjoy since when you do something that you enjoy you will usually do it well and thus make more money at it.  Working for yourself is not always as easy as it seems many people can not drive themselves and do better in a group environment.

Unfortunately not to many independents start with enough money to have a group environment so you must be self motivated and be able to follow through on goals that you set for yourself.  Goals must be achievable so be realistic and do not set to high in the beginning until you begin to know your product, once you understand your product and be the goal you have set for your business you can then re-adjust your goals.  It is important to remember when working for yourself you put in the same day that you would at a job, cutting short days is not really giving your new career a fair chance and you could be setting yourself up for failure if you do not meet your income requirements.

Business Opportunities – Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue since becoming good at something is not an overnight process, it is important that you have either set aside a cash reserve or you keep your old job until you get your new career going if that is possible which could mean working your new career on the weekends and evenings through the week.  With being self employed you will understand my motto, “Business before pleasure because with no business their is no pleasure”.   So in the beginning when you are starting out and want to take some time off for whatever take a few minutes to really think about it.

For the first couple years you have to keep yourself and family expenses lean so that you can learn how to delegate your time and money to know exactly what you have coming in and going out, when the busy season are and when things slow down.  Remember when you are self-employed and do not work then you do not have any money coming in unlike a regular 9-5 where you have that regular paycheck coming in each week.  When self-employed it can easily be feast of famine so when the famine hits and it normally does you will have some cash reserves to get through it or time to adjust your business model to make it profitable again.

Businesss Opportunities – Decide the Size of Business you Want

Decide the Size of Business you Want is the next process in the growth of your business, once again I have a motto for this also.  “If you grow fast you will go fast” which is why I feel that you need to grow a bit slower so that you fully understand every facet of your business as you grow.  To many times a person will come from a leader position when starting his or her own business and leave the menial jobs to other people, well when you are self employed those so called menial job are what can an will ruin your business if you do not fully understand what the job entails to do that job properly.  I have learned this process from the beginning and with over 37 years in business I am always ready to do the so called menial jobs so that my business can have continued growth.  Why do you think the reality show undercover boss is really their,  to many times the boss does not understand what makes the business,  it is the workers of the business that make the business and if not trained properly or supervised properly then that is what can ruin your business.   

Personally I do not care to get large but rather keep my business small and easily manageable where the business will remain viable through the slow time and busy times.   I must say though their are times when I think that being a bit larger might be good also, point in case this morning I was getting ready to go out and start on a small project and I saw someone coming toward the office so I had to put off my other work to take care of a paying guest.   Just part of the process when you are self-employed you need to put off little projects to take care of paying guests, always remember customers first.

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