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Brian Roffey - CEO CM Brakes

Brian RoffeyBrian Roffey - CM Brakes Canada

CEO and owner of CM Brake

Back on December 7, 2016 I had the pleasure of meeting this character who happens to own a Canadian business that does business in the US,  Brian Roffey booked a room at my establishment in Southeastern Ohio though Expedia as I guess he was selling a trucking company his brakes in Zanesville, Ohio and my property happened to be close.

Below is a small part of the reservation:

Bedding Request/Smoking Preference 2 double beds, Nonsmoking
Reserved For Brian Roffey
1 Adult
Room Type Basic Double Room, 2 Double Beds Standard
Room Code 201635720
Rate Plan Code 208174466A
Dec 7, 2016
Dec 8, 2016

I have highlighted part of the reservation that he made that I received from Expedia, which clearly states One person.

View video of Brian Roffey and one other person entering our office:

Independent Motel – Overview of Events

I am only stating the events as they have actually happened on December 7, 2016,  this page was not put online until 12/31/2016 when I had noticed that he had posted a negative review on Expedia for my property.  I feel since Brian Roffey felt a need to post an outright lie on his review when his actual beef was with Expedia and not my property that people have the right to know the actual events as they occurred.  With over 36 years in business I take anything against my business personally and I personally registered Brian Roffey so I know the events first hand as they actually occurred.  Anyone posting a review should only post accurate events and not inflammatory views,  Brian Roffey of CM Brakes in Canada states he travels all over the US and has never had this problem before, this is because we have created a business environment where business accommodate people who use the system enough to know how to cheat it because they do not want a bad review like I got.    Brian Roffey who is a business man should not be out trying to cheat other business people, he should have admitted his mistake and paid the extra with out calling me a con man, using bait and switch tactics, then yelling at me.  Brian Roffey should place the correct number of people that are staying to get an accurate price when booking online. Personally as an independent business person I will go out of my way to patronize other independents and would never even think of trying to rip anyone off whether it be an Independent or a chain as I know that all businesses have bottom lines that are effected by theft in any form which in turn brings higher costs to all guests.

Brian Roffey, owner of CM Brakes – Checking In

Upon arriving at my property late in the evening on December 7th he registered for the room and left the part blank on the card stating number in party,  since their was another gentleman who I assume was his new National Sales Manager in the USA I asked if he was staying also or wanted a second room.  Brian Roffey immediately snapped back that he is staying with him as he made his reservation on Expedia.  I said in a calm voice yes Sir but the reservation was for only one person and not two, they gave you a one person discount as Expedia had given him a rate of 53.87 including tax and the rate for 2 people – 2 beds at our property is 63.38 including tax.   Brian Roffey preceeded to start yelling at me saying that I was ripping him off,  I showed him the sheet from Expedia stating only one person and he stated they made a mistake.  I informed him that he could take that up with Expedia but that was not my fault and he was welcome to go somewhere else and I would not charge him for the stay.  There are several properties within 4 miles of us.   Brian Roffey owner of CM Brakes in Canada preceeded his yelling session toward me and I sent him to his room.

Business Owner – CM Brakes, Canada

Brian Roffey owns CM Brakes in Canada and sells Braking Systems to Trucking companies here in the US. He attempted to do the bait and switch with me and got very mad when I confronted about his reservation that was only for one person and not two and he would have to pay for the extra person.  I charged him the regular rate for 2 people / 2 beds instead of the discounted rated for one person that Expedia gave him, this unprofessional business man gave me a negative review in an attempt to hurt my business for his mistake.  I hope that anyone doing business with this unquestionable character thinks about how he treats american business people when the problem was between him and Expedia, not my business.


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His review of my business:

Posted Dec 19, 2016

Pros: It was close to a business that I was having a meeting at the following day.
Cons: This is a fault with Expedia not asking how many people staying in the room, and the motel charging extra for more than on person staying in a room th
Location: Don’t know
In my booking, at no time was I asked how many people were staying in the room. When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that I had to pay additional because 2 people were staying in the room. In all my time travelling, this has never ever happened.

This clown would not have had an unexpected cost had he been honest in making the reservation,  when a person makes a reservation they need to make it for the number of people that are staying in the room and not add guests when they get to the property and expect the lower rate given when booking the room.   To be quite honest no one has ever been like this clown,  personally this says a lot about the character of Brian Roffey and his company CM Brakes of Canada.

Brian Roffey, CEO and owner of CM Brake.

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