Low Cost Advertising Opportunities

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Low Cost Advertising Opportunities

Low Cost Advertising Opportunities

Low cost advertising opportunities are out their,  do you have the time to write you own listings?   If you have the time then their are many ways to advertise for little or no cost, though properly writing your ads or

Low Cost Advertising Opportunities

Low Cost Advertising Opportunities

listings may take a little more effort.   Our advertising resource is just one great way to promote your business,  we are locally owned and operated, offer higher rankings on the major serps than other resources that charge way more.  Our basic listings are only 1.99 per month which pretty much anyone can afford,  but if you want completely free simply place your ad and over the next couple days it will be live for free though for the couple bucks it is live instantly.

One thing you need to understand with short term advertising especially if you do not renew the listing is with our site your listing can get ranked for keywords so it is essential to properly write your ads incorporating important keywords at least a few time.  Also remember content is King, so unlike a newspaper ad where you are charged for each letter, we only charge you for the the ad.

High Visibility Advertising

What is the difference between your listings and a newspaper listing?  There is a lot of difference,  the major one being that with a newspaper it will cost you about 10 bucks or more a day with no guarantee that anyone is even interested in what you have.  That would equate to a couple hundred bucks minimum per month.  With us you are looking at a couple bucks a month, have the ability to obtain rankings on the serps,  add images, links, and so much more that a paper cannot offer you.

Honestly it is funny that when people spend a couple bucks online, make a sale or two they will stop advertising though that same person will spend a couple hundred in newspaper advertising not make a single sale and continue to advertise.  Simply put main line media has been around for so long people think that is the only way to do business,  you could not be more wrong.

Low Cost Advertising

What is the difference between BuckeyeAds and other sources?  Cost being one difference,  we are a small business so we spend a lot of time optimizing our site to continue to grow our rankings.  Many larger sites do not have rankings but spend money on alternate sources of advertising to drive traffic,  the alternate source charge a fortune and consequently you advertising will cost considerably more.  Many business advertising resources may also simply have sales people that come a knocking or call you constantly telling you about how great they are and charge you enough that you will need to take out a second mortgage on your business but you figure since they charge so much they must be good, the reality will speak a much different tone but then it is to late.

What is the Key to obtaining rankings on a budget?  Properly writing your ad or listing using keywords relevant to your website or business, you ad should be no less than 250 words,  not characters.  Then every 15 – 30 days modify the content a bit just to keep it fresh.

Realtors – Auto Sales – Restaurants – Hotels

Realtors, Auto Sales, Restaurants, Hotels wanting to place many listings with a membership, simply login to your account and click on My Accountthen scroll down the page and pick the membership package that fits you and start placing as many ads as you want.

Business Advertising with us will pack a punch for your business as our low cost advertising opportunities will provide small business an opportunity to deal locally, regionally, nationally and globally in a cost effective manner.